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07 May 2018

Virginia - Danica Roem to Speak at Democrats' LGBTQ Gala

Trudy Ring

Del. Danica Roem


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16 December 2017

Virginia Senate candidate E.W. Jackson "regrets" anti-gay rhetoric

John Riley

Chesapeake, VA


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03 December 2017

Virginia Delegate-Elect Danica Roem Appears on Comedy Central to Talk About Her Historic Win

Hilton Dresden


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14 October 2017

Tazewell, Virginia

estimated transgender population: 27* (rounded up)


ezs note:  For such a tiny town, its National Register of Historic Places is quite impressive.  And one of these - the Tazewell Historic District is open to the public!  Come on down - visit Tazewell, Virginia today!

14 June 2017

06 May 2017

Job fair!


ezs note:  This is a new feature for a transgender seeking new/better employment as a tool for better economic security.  A few tips: 1)  Dress professionally. If you need some pointers, Google here.  2)  Speak professionally.  Needless to say, no gum-chewing.  No matter how many butterflies you may have, speak and act confidently.  Need to speak proper English?  Google here .  3)  Do your freakin' homework.  Nothing is worse than going from a bad situation to an absolutely horrible one.  That goes double if you are transgender. Anyone can put 'LGBTs welcome' on a business card, but it's up to YOU to check it out.  If you can, talk to a few employees.  Check it out on Wikipedia.  If you are considering a mid to major corporation, see the HRC Corporate Equality Index.  

note: This is a random sampling of job fairs throughout US/Canada. To see more, type 'job fairs' under News.

Town/City: Lynchburg, VA
Location: Lynchburg City Armory
Date:  May 15
Time(s):  10 am to 3 pm

note:  ex-offenders welcome

20 March 2017

Transgender and homeless: How a Virginia Beach woman took in a struggling man

Amir Vera
The Virginian-Pilot


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ezs note: To make a donation or to request assistance from the Transgender Assistance Program of Virginia, please press here.

05 March 2017

03 March 2017

Eighteen attorneys general support Virginia transgender teen



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20 February 2017

Democrats to test Virginia's GOP incumbents in every House district won by Clinton

Patricia Sullivan
The Roanoke Times


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ezs note:  If you live in one of Virginia's troglodyte Republican districts, you know what to do - volunteer, vote, and if no one is running in your district, run yourself!

24 January 2017

Gavin Grimm to speak at law school dinner

Frances Hubbard
Daily Press


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19 January 2017

Virginia transgender bathroom bill dies in committee without debate



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14 January 2017

13 January 2017

Del. Marshall should stay out of bathroom issues

Sara Queen
The Washington Post


04 January 2017

Virginia GOP Targets Transgender Community in HB2-Style Bill

Tim Peacock
Peacock Panache


If you live in Virginia, please contact your state representative AND senator that they should give this stupid bill a resounding NO.